Interspect Software

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    Interspect Desktop

    Interspect offers the most comprehensive suite of functionality available in home inspection software products today. It is the most robust, easiest to use, home inspection report writing software available.

    • Report Validation
    • Unlimited Photographs
    • "Point and Click" Simplicity
    • Room by Room / System Modes
    • Backup / Archive
    • Associates (Contacts and companies)
    • Expense Tracking
    • Business Statistics / Reports
    • 2-way Sync with ISN (Inspection Support Network)
    • Automatic Updates/Enhancements
    • Define your own unique reports (Systems and Components)
    • Spell Checker / Thesaurus
    • Interspect Desktop software
    • Standard (National) inspection template
    • TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) inspection template
    • >1000 Pre-defined notes (Issues and Comments)
    • 1-Year Support and Updates
    • Include the Interspect Voice Module to automate your inspection
    • Add the Illustrations to enhance your comments

      NOTE: Prior to checkout please ensure your first name, last name and email address on your account are correct.  Additionally, please specify your company name on your billing address exactly the way you want it included in Interspect.  All of this information will be part of your license key and cannot be changed in Interspect without contacting Onclarity, Inc.  This information can be changed under Customer Service/Your Account or when you check out.

    • Price: $699.00
      Interspect Voice Module
      Incorporated into Interspect Desktop, the Interspect Voice Module enables you to create your inspection report while conducting your inspection. YES IT WORKS! By speaking simple voice commands into the wireless headset while you are conducting your inspection.
      You can:
      • Switch from System to System
      • Switch from Item to Item
      • Replay list of items in current System
      • Add QuickText to inspection item
      • Indicate photo location in report
      • Switch from Systems Mode to Room x Room
      • Create and select Rooms
      • Indicate item type
      • Replay your inspection comments
      • More...
      The only thing left to do is to insert your photographs from your camera, proof read your text and print the report.
      (You will need the one of the 900 mhz Plantronics' wireless headset listed on our website to use the Interspect Voice Module.)  To test using voice, while running the Demo software, you can use a plug in type of headset that has a boom microphone.  Download the article "Creating a Speech Profile" from our Knowledge base, located under "Support" tab on our website.
      Price: $299.00
      Interspect Sketch Module
      Interspect Sketch Module is incorporated into Interspect Desktop so you can easily add sketches to any inspection (each inspection has its own set of sketches). Sketch Foundations, roofs, rooms diagram, map utilities, landscapes and more.
      • Exterior Walls
      • Interior Walls
      • Distance measures
      • Auto Area calculations
      • Categorized Symbols from Appliances to Windows
      • Label List or manual Labeling
      • Insert Photos
      • Shape Auto Completion
      • Unlimited sketches per inspection
      • Print sketches only
      Price: $199.00