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How do you increase your hourly wage Stop spending hours writing reports

The main complaint I hear from home inspectors is the amount of time it takes to complete the home inspection report once they get home. With the Voice Command module, the inspection report writing software allows a home inspector to create the home inspection report as they walk through the home. Using a wireless headset and simple commands, the inspector can create room definitions that list all the items to inspect. They can then either move down the list of items or select the item and add their home inspection predefined comments for any problems they see. Along with adding comments they can add a Photo Tag, which will sync any picture taken with the comment. Depending on the type of report produced they can be 95-100% complete before leaving the home. This frees up the inspectors after hours time of home inspection report writing.

For inspectors who still want to carry a tablet, Interspect will run on a Windows tablet, allowing them to select rooms, inspection items and add comments by simple point and click or with a touch screen stylus.  If they want to use Voice Command with a tablet, Version 3 now allows the use of a Bluetooth headset, like the type listed on our website.

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***  Version 3 of Interspect Released 12/23/16 ****  

Interspect - Home Inspection Report Writing Software Highlights

  • Quit spending hours at night writing reports. Have your report 95-100% complete before leaving the home.
  • Create an impressive inspection report with the industry's easiest to use "Voice Command" or use "Point and Click" navigation to build, edit, print and email your report.
  • Use Voice Commands with the Interspect Voice Module to build your report while you inspect by issuing commands via a wireless headset.
  • Click on Report Validation and get warnings if you missed inspecting an important item or did not add something required into your inspection report.
  • Add, edit and then re-edit an unlimited number of photographs in your inspection report. 
  • Automatically include technical reference drawings in your comments for your inspection reports using Carson Dunlop Illustrated Home or InterNachi's  Graphic Library. Just import them into Interspect and include with the comment.
  • Create your own reports by adding inspection report templates that include your specific systems and items.
  • Inspect in true "Room by Room" mode by adding rooms as you go, or inspect in traditional "Systems" mode, or both, in the same inspection.
  • Provide foundation or roof maps with auto-calculated area in your inspection reports with Interspect Sketch Module. Great for indicating the location of WDI.
  • Interspect keeps track of your clients, agents, agent companies, expenses, and provides a graphical look at your financial status.
  • Interspect and ISN (Inspection Support Network) are synced together, providing you the most complete business solution.

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