About The Company

In 2006, Rick Barr a home inspector in Texas was trying to find a better and faster way to get his reports finished without spending hours at night writing them.  Since he has a friend in the software business, Steve McNeese, he approached him to develop a Home Inspection Software program that would free up his evenings from writing home inspection reports.


From that meeting, Interspect Voice was created.  By using cutting edge technology, they created the only Voice Command software on the market.  It allowed the inspector to walk through a home, using a wireless headset with a range of approximately 300 feet, to do Room by Room home inspections.  By using voice commands, the inspector is able to create the room as they walked into it, select the item to inspect, call in their predefined comments and assign a photo tag to the comment.  When the inspector finishes the inspection, the photos are uploaded, annotations made and automatically synced with the comments.  The the home inspection report was finished, ready to be proofed, and can be emailed directly to the client or sent to ISN (Inspection Support Network) for distribution, all from within Interspect.

Meet The Owners

Hello, I’m Rob White, president of Onclarity Inc., Interspect Software.  In October of 2006 I attended a trade show and watched Interspect being demonstrated.  I was a home inspector at the time and had already bought four different inspection programs, trying to find one that would reduce the amount of time I spent writing home inspection reports.  Since my previous profession was in the computer industry, I immediately saw the benefit of the software.  I bought it on site, without even trying it.  Well, as it turned out, I was the first inspector to purchase the software.  I spent almost a year working with Steve helping him make changes to the software to make it work the way a home inspector needed it to. 

I think most inspectors would not have spent that much time helping to develop software, but I could see the long term benefit if I could make this work.  In the long run, with Steve’s willingness to make the changes I asked for, it finally paid off.  I went from staying up till midnight writing reports to coming home and having the reports delivered to my clients and agents in less than thirty minutes.  I had my life back!           


Sometimes we have to step out of our box, our comfort zone, to move forward.  It was difficult at first because I carried a PDA and I could see what I needed.  With voice command software, we have to remember the comment without actually looking at something.  But what I found out is that we use the same comments over and over and I quickly adjusted to being able to call my voice tags to bring in my predefined comments.  I didn’t have to worry about dropping my PDA (which I had done multiple times, breaking it and losing my reports), and my hands were free to do my inspections.


It was unfortunate timing for Steve and his company that the real estate market crashed a little over a year after the software first came out.  Although they had started building a base of users, there were no new inspectors coming into the business and many were leaving the business.  So after much discussion with Steve, in 2012 I decided to buy the company and asked a fellow inspector Mark Emery if he would like to join me.  Mark Emery has over 15 years of experience in the home inspection industry and together we purchased the company.  Since then, we have been implementing bug fixes and upgrades, added support for ISN (Inspection Support Network) in 2014, and bringing all the development tools used to create Interspect up to date, and now the means to create your own report and layout in Version 3.  We have our development team working round the clock on new features to enhance the software.


With all inspection report writing software there are pros and cons and you have to find what works best for you.  I found the benefits far outweighed the cons and cannot imagine doing inspections any other way.  We would not have bought the company if we did not believe in this revolutionary software.  Get your life back and download this Home Inspection Software program for a free 30-day evaluation, and quit spending your evening writing reports.