Version 3 Released 12/23/16
New Report Template and Report Layout tab to allow you to design your own Report form and Report Layout with a preview screen so you can see what it will look like as you create it.

Interspect - Home Inspection Software Features

Interspect, the only "Hands Free" Home Inspection Software, offers the most comprehensive suite of functionality available in home inspection software products today. It is the most robust, easiest to use, home inspection report writing software available. The software was designed to keep your hands free, by using the Voice Module, so you don't have to find a place to set a tablet down every time you need your hands to open a window, check an electrical outlet, operate plumbing fixtures, etc..
Hands Free

Do you spend hours each night writing home inspection reports? Would you like to increase your hourly wage and have that time back to spend with your family? Using the wireless Plantronics Headset, the Interspect Voice Module enables you to create your inspection report while conducting your inspection through the home. Your report could be complete when you leave the inspection, depending on the type of report you produce. With simple voice commands you can:

  • Switch Inspection Modes
  • Set Inspection Item Status
  • Select Systems
  • Replay your inspection item comments
  • Create and Select Rooms
  • Insert QuickText(your pre-defined notes)
  • Select Inspection Items
  • Indicate the report location of the photograph you just took
All of these are accomplished by speaking simple voice commands into the wireless headset while you are conducting your home inspections. The only thing left to do is to upload your photographs, then click on auto insert, proof your report and email the report to your client.
Report Validation

With a simple click, Interspect will list every required report item that you have missed on your Inspection Report. Just click the item and Interspect will automatically take you to the right place in the application to add the missing item. Never forget something important again!
Unlimited Photograhs

Add and annotate unlimited photographs to your inspection report. Add your pictures taken during the inspection and include reference photographs or sketches from the Global Library. Unlike other photograph annotation software products that allow only one chance to annotate the photograph correctly, Interspect Home Inspection Software allows you to edit and re-edit a photograph as many times as you want.
Indicate when photos are taken during hands free mode and the Interspect Voice Module will automatically insert your photos into the inspection report saving you hours of report editing. Adding photos manually is just as easy. Simply drag and drop the photo into the report and Interspect Home Inspection Software will automatically position the photo based on your preferences.
Point and Click Simplicity

A simple "Point and Click" navigation design enables you to be virtually one click away from any functionality. Interspect's "Auto Save" feature saves any changes you make: automatically, you don't have to worry if you saved your report or not. And Interspect is a database application, you don't have to search directories to "save" or "retrieve". Everything is available to you by clicking on the controls within Interspect.
Backup and Archives

Interspect Home Inspection Software enables you to create archival disks for date spans like last quarter or last year. If you need to find an inspection report that has been archived, Interspect enables you to search for it and when found even tells you what disk it is on! Simply restore the inspection back to Interspect from the disk and it is available to you just like a current inspection.
Recovery of data is a critical function of business.  With Interspect you can backup your database at any time, which we recommend backing up after each inspection to a flash drive. This saves everything to another database, that could be restored on a different computer. You don't have to worry about losing it all if your laptop failed to power up, is damaged or stolen.

Room x Room / Systems / Both

Conduct your inspections using Room by Room mode, or the traditional Systems mode, or both during the same home inspection. If you use Room by Room mode you can view and edit your results in Room by Room or Systems mode, switching back and forth using Interspect's innovative display. Interspect will print your inspection report in the standard Systems format no matter what inspection mode you used.

Interspect Sketch

Interspect Sketch Module enables you to add custom diagrams to your inspection reports. It is great for foundation and roof mapping and WDI reports. It automatically calculates area. You can use its included Symbols to indicate the presence and location of WDI or indicate the location of foundation or roof damage.

Carson Dunlop Home Illustrations can be purchased and downloaded into Interspect's Global Photos. These can be inserted and stored with your predefined comments and used across all of your inspection reports providing great technical reference drawings indicating how structures should look.

  • Inspection Report Designer: Create your unique inspection report templates with the Systems and Inspection Items (Components) that you want on your inspection reports.
  • Version 3, now released, will give you more control in creating the report template and report layout using point and click functionality with a preview screen so you can see what it looks like as you create it.

  • Contact Administration: Keep track of all your individual and company business associates.
  • Business Statistics: Interspect displays real time graphs of revenue and expense by city, referral and time period.
  • Track Expenses: Record your expenses, by Vendor and Account and associate the expense to a Contact or Inspection. Track your mileage cost for tax reporting.
  • View Business Reports: View and print business reports that include detail information about revenue, expenses, contacts and more.
  • ISN - Inspection Support Network: Whether you create an order on ISN or Interspect, the information will seamlessly transfer between ISN and Interspect.  Interspect is the only software that syncs data in both directions.
    • With Interspect and ISN, your entire business process is connected, automated and simple-to-use. 
    • Scheduling from your website, Facebook, Agents, your Call Center and anywhere you travel. 
    • Confirmation emails to clients and agents, SMS/text reminders, contract delivery and tracking including multiple agreements, everything is automated. 
    • Stop typing the same information over and over.

  • Spellchecker/Thesaurus: Interspect indicates misspelled words, includes personal dictionary and online thesaurus for report writing.